Planing V&V

What is Validation and Verification

Validation and verification is an activity that plays a very big role regarding processes and products of quality. That is why and concerning the historic problems that have emerged from software development, the study of V&V is an important advancement for the future evolution of software technologies.

Planing V&V

The planning of V&V depends entirely on the goals and objectives of the project at hand. To achieve said goals different life cycle methods have been developed. But in all of them it will be required to have a specific process that ensures quality within the project.That’s why that at the end of every life cycle it should be ensured that the work done in that moment complies with the aforementioned objectives.

The final objective of the process of V&V is to prove that the system it’s made for a purpose and it tries to apply specific techniques known as tests and reviews. The process of validation and verification es a set of procedures, activities and tools that are use in parallel to software development with the end goal of ensure that the product solves the problem that was initially said to solve.


Verification tests the consistency of the software with respect to the requirements, that is, if it answers the following question. Is the software built correctly. The process determines if the resulting product of a life cycle comply with the requirements established in the previous phase. The process determines if the resulting software is complete, consistent and right to start the next phase.


Validation proves if that is specified and implemented is what the user really wants, that is if it answers the question of has the correct software been built. The process determines if the software accomplishes its specifications. The process ensures that the software built behaves as expected and it complies with the client’s expectation

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